• Hello, I am Glenn Cross.

    I am an Information System Security Officer with many roles in Information Security helping people and organizations protect information. With increasing external cyber threats, insider threats and risky practices that put our valuable information and essential, daily services at risk, this is a fascinating career and never ending passion.


My Career:

Rollout Systems, LLC - Security Analyst

SAIC - Information Security Analyst 

The Mil Corporation - Information Assurance Officer and Webmaster

America Online - Technical Manager, Webmaster, Corporate IT Strategic Planning

National Research Council - Desktop, Server and Help Desk Support

Technical Specialties, Inc. - Computer Hardware Repair


My Degrees:

MSIA - Master of Science in Information Assurance, 2011 - from Capitol College, Laurel, MD. GPA 3.9

BA Psychology, Trinity International University, Deerfield, IL, 1980


My Certifications:

Fully Qualified NAVY Validator (FQNV), NAVY CA, 2/06/13, Certification # I0762

Tenable Certified Nessus Auditor, (TCNA) # 11110028, 12/12/11, TENABLE Network Security, Inc., 

CRISC - Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control, (CRISC) #1112328, ISACA, 8/11/11

NSTISSI 4011 - National Training Standard for Info Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professionals, Capitol College, Dec. 2010 

CNSSI 4012 National IA Training Standard for Senior Systems Managers, Capitol College, Dec. 2010

CNSSI 4013A - National IA Training Standard for System Administrators (SA) , Capitol College, Dec. 2010

CNSSI 4014A National IA Training Standard for Information Systems Security Officers, Capitol College, Dec. 2010 

NSTISSI 4015 - National Training Standard for Systems Certifiers, Capitol College, Dec. 2010 

CNSSI 4016A- National Information Assurance Training Standard for Risk Analysts, Capitol College, Dec. 2010

COMSEC certified, Local Element CMS, Patuxent River (EKMS Account 351123), 2/16/09 to present

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), May 2007, Certification # 106532

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), 05-2003, Certification id # 2950050

Macromedia Certified Web Site Developer, 12-2001, Certification # NA

Certified Internet Webmaster, 11-2001, Certification #01-48237-ES

CompTIA iNet+ Certified Professional, 11-2001, Certification #COMP10582044

CIW E-Commerce Designer, 10-2001, Certification #687580BDO